Social Coordinators (2)

Hailee Kim

Greetings, Students! I’m Hailee Kim, a first-year pursing interests in Psychology excited to become Social Coordinator within our Psychology Students’ Association.

Engaged in the Korean community, I deeply understand the importance of fostering connections and creating meaningful experiences. My authentic pride in contributing is my aspiration to make this role an exciting avenue for new experiences and memories with diverse backgrounds and to organize engaging social activities that resonate with our diverse student body.

I imagine myself planning interesting events as your social coordinator, aiming to bridge the gap between students and faculty members by offering mentorship opportunities and organizing stress-relieving events. These gatherings will bring psychology professors and students together and create a welcoming environment that encourages conversations to thrive. Shaped by experiences within diverse communities, I’m committed to promising a lively and enriching environment.

Bringing along a fresh perspective and a deep passion for good change, I am well-prepared, with a background in leadership roles and community advocacy, to effectively represent the interests of students. Together, let’s create a campus community where every voice matters. I appreciate your help. Let’s collaborate to design a better future for our Psychology Students’ Association. Thank you for your support again.

Pooja Sivamohan

Hi! My name is Pooja, and I am an incoming third year specializing in psychology and majoring in global health. I am running for the position of social coordinator.

To me, this role entails promoting interconnectedness amongst psychology students at U of T. Social engagement is extremely beneficial to our learning experiences. Through social events, students can meet other people with similar academic interests and goals, as well as learn away from the classroom in a more engaging setting. Therefore, I am passionate about fostering an engaging and supportive environment by coordinating social events.

My past experience in coordinating events, along with my organizational skills, equips me to plan and execute engaging events to promote engagement within the community of psychology students .

Through collaboration and creativity, I aspire to encourage students to form new connections and enhance their university experience.

Kyra Niyogi — In Slate with Megan Huynh

Hi everyone, my name is Kyra Niyogi, and I’m running for social coordinator for PSA alongside Megan Huynh! We are both first years looking to major in psychology, and are currently a part of the PSA as general volunteers and a part of the mentorship program! Our goal with these positions is to help maintain the close community among students interested in psychology! 

In high school, I was a board member for a club called Spartan Buddies, where we would have lunch with students who were actively seeking to make new friends. As a part of this position, I have learned how to host a variety of events and make everyone feel included.

With this position, I hope to be able to facilitate more networking opportunities for students as well as organize different events, including open conversations with psychology professors and bonding events for students that are a part of the club. I also aim to help students create a healthy work-life balance and host events that help students de-stress during the school year. Please vote for Kyra Niyogi and Megan Huynh as social coordinators, and thank you for considering us!

Megan Huynh — In Slate with Kyra Niyogi

Hey everyone! I’m Megan, a 1st year student planning on completing a Psychology specialist and a Spanish minor. I’m running for social coordinator alongside Kyra. As current general volunteers and part of the mentorship program, we both have an understanding of how PSA functions and its mission of connecting psychology students at UofT. Another relevant experience is my position as Sisterhood Chair for the Greek organization alpha Kappa Delta Phi, which involves organizing social events with sisters to encourage and foster a sense of community. I believe that I can transfer these skills to PSA as a social coordinator. 

As a social coordinator, I plan on:

  • Hosting de-stressing events around midterm and final exam season, such as puppy yoga and karaoke nights
  • Inviting professors in a casual setting for students to make connections, ask about research opportunities, etc. 
  • and more!

I would love the opportunity to work with the PSA team to create a tight-knit and supportive community for psychology students. Please vote for Megan Huynh & Kyra Niyogi as your social coordinators! Thank you for your consideration:)

Sophia Park — In Slate with Yewon Chang

Hello, fellow psychology students at UofT!

My name is Sophia Park and I’m an incoming fourth-year Psychology and Criminology Major. I’m eager to run for the Social Coordinator position in a slate with Yewon Chang.

During my time in PSA during this academic school year, I have been an enthusiastic subcommittee member of the social committee. Throughout this experience, I have learned valuable event coordination, planning, execution, and leadership to best serve this Coordinator position. 

As a Social Coordinator candidate, I am dedicated to fostering an inviting and tight-knit environment for UofT psychology students. My biggest goals for this year are to hold events that are of the psychology student body’s interest and execute them inclusively and excitingly. 

Throughout the academic school year, I plan to execute:

  • Stress-relieving events that are of students’ interest (like the tote-bag painting which our subcommittee team executed successfully this year)
  • Informational events for the psychology program
  • Helpful networking events
  • And much more!

Through interpersonal skills learned in my commitments to PSA and other clubs (UofT UNICEF, VISK), I plan to work together with my team cooperatively to deliver the best welcoming social events in the upcoming school year. 

Vote Sophia and Yewon for Social Coordinator, thank you! 🙂

Yewon Chang — In Slate with Sophia Park

Hi everyone!

My name is Yewon, and I am a third-year student, double majoring in Psychology and Political Science. I am running as the social coordinator in a slate with Sophia Park! As a Social Subcommittee this year, I have successfully organized various social events such as Tea with Profs, board games night, and tote bag painting! These events created an exciting and safe space for various psychology and non-psychology students to network with faculty members and take a mental break from schoolwork by engaging in various therapeutic activities.

If I were elected, I would create:

  1. Networking events (to bring students and faculty members closer + create connections to potential collaborations on research projects and other opportunities)
  2. Social mixers (collab with other UofT organizations and host social events)
  3. Stress-relieving events (Movie/Game nights, art therapy activities, mindfulness workshops)

With my hands-on experience working in the PSA team, I aim to continue fostering a stronger sense of community within the university, specifically within the Psychology circle at UofT!

Vote for Yewon and Sophia as your Social Coordinators for an exciting year filled with unforgettable events!

Thank you! 🙂