Co-Presidents (2)

Amanda Ma — In Slate with Tiffany Yang

Hi everyone! 

My name is Amanda, and I’m an incoming 4th year student at UofT! I’ve been on the PSA team for two years now with experience as a social subcommittee member and social co-coordinator for the past year with Tiffany! I’ve developed an extensive understanding of the club’s dynamics and the various roles and responsibilities of each team member.

I am excited to announce that Tiffany and I will be running in a slate for co-president for the upcoming school year! As a dedicated team with the goal of fostering a tight-knit, supportive community of undergraduate psychology students, our goals for expanding PSA include:

  • Planning & Reflection: Monthly in-person meetings for PSA members to align short- and long-term goals; gathering feedback on club initiatives.
  • Career Development: outreach to UofT psychology alumni, professors, industry professionals; sharing opportunities and potential career paths with students. 
  • Conference: continuing PSA’s yearly conference involving speakers from a variety of psychology backgrounds, providing students the opportunity to network and connect with professionals and students. 
  • Community: improve student outreach by expanding social media presence to enhance PSA visibility within the student body; collaboration with committees for more events over the school year. 

Thank you for considering my candidacy! 


Tiffany Yang — In Slate with Amanda Ma

Hi everyone!

My name is Tiffany, and I’m an incoming 4th year Psychology Specialist at UofT. I’m excited to announce that I’ll be running with Amanda for 2024-25 Co-President!

The past 2 years, I’ve gained valuable experience as a PSA mentor and social coordinator. Being a mentor allowed me to help support students through academic hardship. Working as a social coordinator taught me the skills to lead a team and plan multiple social events.

Importantly, both roles taught me that PSA fosters a tight-knit, supportive community– one that inspires me to share my goals:

  • Regular monthly meetings with subcommittee and executive members ensuring alignment of short- and long-term goals
  • Increasing outreach to alumni, professors, and industry professionals, curating networking and career opportunities
  • Improving upon PSA’s yearly conferences with a greater variety of speakers, providing students more opportunities to network
  • Enhance PSA visibility by expanding our social media platforms
  • and using our platforms to share mental health resources

I cannot express how fortunate I am to be a part of PSA. I wish to give back for all it has done for me and continue to help grow a supportive community for all psychology students.

Vote Tiffany for Co-President!

Hunter Xu

Hi everyone! 

My name is Hunter, and I am running for co-president for the 2024-2025 year. I am currently the treasurer of PSA, and I’ve worked as a general volunteer before that. I believe that the co-president should bridge the gap between students and executives. Being both, I am confident that I can accomplish this goal. 

I intend to focus on team-building and community creation. PSA should serve as a community for all psych students to rely on, being both open and welcoming. 

More concretely, here are our goals for the upcoming year: 

  • Forming PSA as a support group for all Psychology students by recreating office hours with monthly themes. 
  • Improving sense of community for Psychology students by organizing interdisciplinary collaborations and friendly competition. 
  • Facilitating connection building between students and faculty through transparent communication, workshop opportunities, and improved social media coverage (Social Media promotions, Discord revamps, etc).

And of course, More and better food for all PSA events!

Vote Hunter as your next co-president!

Building Community, Together.