Seminar Coordinators (2)

Alicia Wang

Hello! I am Alicia Wang, a second-year Psychology Specialist student, with minors in Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health, and Philosophy. My academic journey has been driven by a deep curiosity in cognitive psychology and a commitment to understanding the complexities of human behavior and mental health through a multifaceted lens.

My Vision:
As a candidate for Seminar Coordinator, my aim is to enrich our academic community by organizing engaging and insightful seminars that cater to the diverse interests and academic needs of our students. I plan to leverage my interdisciplinary background to bring a broad range of topics and perspectives to our seminar series!

Alicia Wang

Ary Kwun

Hello! My name is Ary and I am currently in my second year, majoring in psychology and physiology. When I’m not drowning in schoolwork, I’m usually listening to true crime podcasts, baking, or drinking overpriced matcha at cute cafes. I am passionate about ensuring that you have access to opportunities, events, and resources that will help you make the most out of your time here at U of T (because your tuition is too high not to!!). I have been working to do this in the past year as an executive on the UC student council and the U of T Pre-Dental Association. From these roles, I have gained ample experience in engaging with professors & faculty members, organizing social events, and sharing research & volunteer opportunities, which makes me the ideal candidate for the Seminar Coordinator position. By electing me for this position, you can expect to see the well-loved seminars from past years, like Introduction to Psychology Research, as well as even more opportunities to connect with professors, field professionals, and graduate students. Thank you for considering me for PSA’s Seminar Coordinator!

Tracy Thong

Hello everyone! My name is Tracy Thong, and I am currently a second-year student majoring in Psychology and Pharmacology. As a passionate advocate for academic enrichment and professional development within our community, I am excited to present my platform for the position of Seminar Coordinator. With a commitment to fostering intellectual curiosity and career advancement, I aim to organize a series of engaging seminars catering to our members’ diverse interests and aspirations. 

My vision for this role is to create an inclusive and dynamic seminar series to serve as a platform for learning, networking, and inspiration. By collaborating with esteemed professors, faculty members, researchers, and graduate students, we will explore a wide range of topics spanning academic exploration, career pathways, and the latest developments in psychology.

While honouring the legacy of past seminars, I aspire to expand our seminars to encompass a broader range of topics and formats. I aim to inspire curiosity, facilitate learning, and empower our members to confidently pursue their academic and professional aspirations through thoughtfully curated seminars and meaningful collaborations. Together, let us embark on a journey of exploration, discovery, and growth. Thank you for considering my candidacy.

Elissa Chee — In Slate with Greta Billingsley

Hi everyone! I’m Elissa, a first-year student planning to do a double major in psychology and philosophy next year! I’m excited to run for the Seminar Coordinator position alongside Greta Billingsley for the 2024-25 school year! If elected as the seminar coordinators, we hope to organize:

  1. Monthly psychology movie nights analyzing the psychological concepts and aspects utilized in various films (Eg: Inside Out, A Beautiful Mind, Persona)
  2. Be more active in sharing psychology opportunities inside and outside of campus in a discord server open to all members
  3. Collaborate with PURC to organize more lab tours to learn about the research done by various labs at U of T and how to get involved
  4. Invite speakers in interdisciplinary fields to talk about how they utilized their psychology degree in their work (eg: marketing, law, teaching)
  5. Continue hosting more informal networking coffee & tea chats with psychology professors for you to ask questions and get to know professors!

In addition to making career and networking opportunities more accessible, I’d love to hear more ideas and collaborate on how to make them happen with you!

Vote for Elissa and Greta as your 2024-25 Seminar Coordinators! 😄

Greta Billingsley — In Slate with Elissa Chee

Hello everyone! My name is Greta Billingsley. I’m a first year student, hoping to specialise in psychology, with a double minor in sociology and political science. I’m running in a slate alongside Elissa Chee, for the position of seminar coordinator for the 2024-25 school year. If given the opportunity, we hope to:

  • Inviting mental health professionals to talk about the significance of mental health care in different professional fields 
  • Inviting academics in different fields to join a public dialogue on the importance of interdisciplinary perspectives 
  • Providing conversational spaces for upper year students to help guide students entering the psychological field of study at UofT
  • Graduate school application sessions, helping undergraduates in their final year of study connect with graduate students surrounding the application process
  • Continue the PSA podcast
  • Elissa and I hope to create a fun, enriching environment for anyone interested in psych, and would love to incorporate any outside ideas or suggestions. 

Remember to vote for Greta Billingsley and Elissa Chee (and check out her platform!!) for Seminar Coordinators!! 🙂

Jeanne Polochansky — In Slate with Rachel Yen

Hello psychology students! My name is Jeanne and I’m a third-year Psychology Specialist running for Seminar Coordinator. With Rachel, I will organize seminars that will progress your academic and professional careers.

My experiences at PSA, UofT laboratories, mental health clinics, the Vic Mental Wellness Commission, and Inkblot: The Undergraduate Journal of Psychology have equipped me with a deep understanding of what each domain is currently seeking. Keeping this in mind, I will fulfill three goals when devising the seminars:

  • They will provide guidance, applicability, and novelty. What is new about the 2024-25 year in psychology? How can we provide clear information about direct opportunities to get involved?
  • They will prepare students for RAship and employment, while also supplying diverse opportunities that differ from strictly research or clinical domains. What unique positions value a psychology background, even without a degree?
  • The panelists will give talks that are creative, engaging, and representative of the leaders in contemporary research. Where are UofT psychology alumni now? How did psychological experts become who they are today?

As your Seminar Coordinators, Rachel and I will continue to be dedicated executives of the PSA team and maintain it as the hub for our psychological community at UofT!

Rachel Yen — In Slate with Jeanne Polochansky

Hi everyone! My name is Rachel and I’m currently in my fourth year as a Psychology Research Specialist. Having been a Seminar Subcommittee member this year, I am grateful to have connected with many of you. Through our conversations, I have identified two main needs expressed by our student body: 1) research experience and 2) a better understanding of non-academia-related careers. As a Seminar Coordinator, I hope to meet your needs in the following ways:

  • Host panels with UofT Psychology alumni to discuss a diverse range of career paths, such as research, UX/UI, cultural consulting, and more!
  • Collaborate with PURC and psychology labs to host information sessions and workshops that help students apply for research assistantships.
  • Organize seminars where faculty and non-faculty researchers introduce their work and discuss future directions with students.
  • Communicate with students to understand their career/academic goals to ensure that our seminars provide the resources that foster success.

I believe that my previous executive experiences in PSA and other student associations such as UofTMHA make me a strong candidate for a Seminar Coordinator who is equipped to help you excel in your academics and beyond! Please consider me and Jeanne as your next Seminar Coordinators.

Jennifer Moon — In Slate with Melis Vanli

Greetings! I’m Jennifer Moon, a first-year student at the University of Toronto, soon to embark on a psychology specialist program. I’m excited to run for Seminar Coordinator and bring fresh ideas to the table:

  1. Diverse Speaker Lineup: I am committed to bringing in speakers from various backgrounds and disciplines, not just within the university but also beyond. From professionals in research and education to those in unconventional fields like technology and arts, our seminars will offer a comprehensive view of potential career paths.
  2. Student-Centric Approach: Create opportunities for open discussions where students can voice their career and academic goals. I’ll prioritize student concerns, fostering open discussions and providing resources to support their goals.
  3. Accessible Opportunities: Navigating undergraduate opportunities can be overwhelming. As Seminar Coordinator, I will strive to make these opportunities more accessible to all psychology students. Whether it’s introducing termly introductions to research labs or hosting sessions on career planning, I’m dedicated to empowering students with the information they need.

I’m honoured to serve as your Seminar Coordinator. Feel free to check my Instagram account for more: Jennifer_for_PSA_seminar. We’ll create engaging seminars that inspire and empower our community. Please consider voting for me and Melis!

Melis Vanli — In Slate with Jennifer Moon

I am Melis Vanli, currently a first-year international student at the University of Toronto. You may remember me as a host if you’ve ever listened to our PSA podcast: you may have heard me ask an associate professor in psychology and law questions about the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp case, or talk to a neuroscientist about dream analysis. If not, one thing you should know about me is that I don’t really resonate much with the proverb “curiosity killed the cat” since my curiosity leads me to ask questions. I am passionate about seeking answers to a lot of questions in psychology, and it is for this reason that I believe I am a suitable candidate to become one of PSA’s seminar coordinators. I am always curious and enthusiastic to learn, so I will do my best to organize many interesting seminars and academic talks. Taking part in the podcast as a researcher and interviewer has given me valuable experience in learning how to create intriguing conversations, and I would love to have the opportunity to keep doing this with even more autonomy! Please consider voting for me and Jennifer as your Seminar Coordinators!

Manavi Goyal